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Panoramic View from Grünten

Sonthofen, Allgäu, Southern Germany, 1738 m

Date:01.10.2023 Time:18:53 - 19:18 UT (CET-1h)
Exposure:10 x 13 s, 11 x 30 s Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Lumix S5M2X at ISO 1600 Optics:18mm, f/2.5 (upwards)
and f/4.0 (downwards)
Place:Grünten, Sonthofen,
Southern Germany
Author:Till Credner

The landscape of the Allgäu Alps is illuminated by the waning moon. From top of 1738 m high Grünten the surrounding cities and villages can be seen with all their light pollution. The upper boundary of an aerosole layer is about the same high as the mountains top. A clear view to the high mountains, stars and even the milky way is offered above this aerosol layer.

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