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Panoramic View from Heilbronn City at Night

Light pollution at experimenta Science Center, Southern Germany

Date:21.09.2020 Time:19:27 UT
Exposure:21 x 10s Field of View:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS 1D IV Optics:15mm f/2.8
Southern Germany
Photo:T. Credner, A. Schmusch,
M. Wolf, D. Mühlheims

Heilbronn shows a light polluted night sky as many cities. Even the brightest stars are hard to see. The light of many artificial sources shines up to the sky and is scattered by molecules and bigger aerosols of the air. This leads to a bright and diffuse sky glow and a missing contrast to the stars. Visible beams of light are from the misled illumination of prominent buildings.

The following diagram shows the brightness curve of this night in the zenith (pink crosses). It was darkest with 18.8 mag/arcsec2 at about 2:45 CET. This city sky is about 20 times brighter than the natural glow of a clear night with about 22 mag/arcsec2. The blue curve below shows the simultaneous brightness of the rural sky above the Swabian Alb (Schachen).

Brightness Curve of this Night

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