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Panoramic View from Hohengundelfingen

Muensingen, Swabian Jura, Southern Germany, 732 m

Date:21.05.2022 Time:23:15 UT
Exposure:10 x 15 s and 11 x 30 s downward Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS1D IV at ISO 3200 Optics:15 mm, f/2.8 and f/4.0 downward
Place:Hohengundelfingen, Muensingen,
Southern Germany
Author:Till Credner

The brightness in the zenith was about 21.5 mag per arcsecond2 at 00:15 CET, 22.05.2022. This is 1.58 times more bright than the natural clear and moonless sky due to light pollution. Therefore the sky is brightened by 58 %. Main sources of light pollution are in the northern direction with Stuttgart, Reutlingen and Münsingen. At 0:00 CET (1 CEST) close by villages of Gundelfingen and Bichishausen turned off their street lights. This gives a drop of 0.05 mag per arcsecond2 in zenith brightness. Measurements were obtained with SQM-LU-DL, serial number 2030.

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