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Panoramic View from Hohenurach

Bad Urach, Swabian Jura, Southern Germany, 692 m

Date:02.07.2021 Time:23:08 UT (CET-1h)
Exposure:21 x 20s Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS1D IV at ISO 1600 Optics:15mm, f/2.8
Place:Bad Urach,
Southern Germany
Author:Till Credner

The brightness in the zenith was down to 20.7 mag per arcsecond2 at about 23:30 CET, 02.07.2021. Due to cirrus clouds the brightness varied and went up to about 20 mag per arcsecond2. 20.7 mag per arcsecond2 is 3.3 times more bright than the natural clear and moonless sky due to light pollution. Therefore the sky is brightened by 230 %. Measurements were obtained with SQM-LU-DL, serial number 2030. The sky brightness from the city center of Heilbronn is plotted for comparison.

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