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Panoramic View from the Meteor Camp 2020

Southern Germany

Date:12.-14.08.2020 Time:multiple
Exposure:14 x 25s and 9 x 4s or 6s Field of View:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS 1D IV Optics:15mm f/2.8
Southern Germany
Author:Till Credner

The panorama was stitched from 14 images of the landscape and 9 shorter exposures of the meteors. The sky was exposed first and just after moonrise the landscape followed. Therefore you can see the not so dark landscape and the shadow of the photographer.

The sky brightness in the zenith was 21.26 mag/arcsec2 just before moonrise at 0:20 CET, August 13th, 2020. This is about twice the brightness of a natural clear and moonless sky due to light pollution. The natural visual brightness is about 22 mag/arcsec2.

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