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Lights of Frankfurt, Ludwigshafen and Ramstein

observed from Salzkopf in Hunsrück

Date:21.06.2019 Time:23:06 CET
Exposure:3 x 15 s Field of view:~140o x 50o
Camera:Sony alpha 7SII Optics:24mm, f/1,4 stopped down
Place:Salzkopf, Binger Wald Photo:Till Credner

At midsummer the nights in central Germany are not getting completely dark. The suns elevation does not reach 18 degrees below the horizon. Another reason is the common light pollution throughout the year. Main sources are Frankfurt with its Airport and BASF chemical industries in Ludwigshafen, even if they are dozens of kilometers in the distance.

Noctilucent Clouds at this Night

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