All-Sky view from Stonehenge

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Night shot:
Date:31.5.2009 Time:1:35 UT
Exposure:30s Field:180o circular
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:f=8mm at 1/4.0
Place:Stonehenge, England   Photographer:Till Credner
Sunrise shot:
Date:31.5.2009 Time:4:10 UT
Exposure:1/125s Field:180o circular

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The entire summer night sky visible above the stone circle of Stonehenge. The summer milky way is arching through the exceptional clear sky. However, artificial reddish light pollutes the sky along the horizon.
The prehistoric monument is located in the Salisbury plains of southern England. One purpose was dating of winter and summer solstice with the stone alignments (see the sunrise image). The five Triliths, i.e. each a pair of tall stones with a third on top, are aligned exactly symmetrical along the line of sunrise at summer solstice and sunset at winter solstice. The healing stone is positioned outside the circle, but also on this line. Unfortunately, two of the Triliths are fallen (partly).