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Panoramic View from Zainingen

Sternenpark Schwäbische Alb
Swabian Jura, Southern Germany, 832 m

Date:20.05.2020 Time:22:57 UT
Exposure:15 x 25 s Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS1D IV at ISO 1600 Optics:15 mm, f/2.8
Place:Römerstein-Zainingen, Southern Germany Author:Till Credner

How to get there

The brightness in the zenith was 21.59 mag per arcsecond2 at 23:12 CET, 20.05.2020. This is about 1.5 times more bright than the natural clear and moonless sky due to light pollution. The sky is brightened by about 50 %. The diagram shows four measured values as black crosses in comparison to the continuous measurements from Schachen (blue crosses), about 15 km south of Zainingen. The values fit quite well, the level of light pollution seems to be identical.

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