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Teide Shadow

Dome of 16'' Telescope and Stargazer

Astronomer observing Moon and Venus

Red Light In- and Outdoors

Sunset on Cerro Tololo

Astronomers waiting for better Weather

Moon and Venus above the Caucasus

The Dutch, Bochum, Danish and ESO Telescope Buildings

The Bochum 0.5m Telescope at Work

The 1.5m Spectrographic Telescope

Sunset with clouds coming from the Black Sea

Dusk and the set of comet Hale-Bopp

Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter

The dome of the 3.5m telescope at dawn

The Schmidt and the spanish 1.5m telescope

Moon and Jupiter above the 30cm Astrograph

Observing a faint sun pillar from top of Hoher List

Morning sun between the domes of the double refractor and the 60cm RC telescope

Lower Light Column

The radiotelescope is listening Granada

Crescent Moon and Hyades above the Roques de García

Moon and Mercury

Moon and Planets in Taurus

Iridium Flare in Cassiopeia

Row of Planets

Zodiacal Light in Gemini

Evening Rainbow

Cloud Shadows

Sun Pillar

Moon and Venus

Moon and Venus

The International Space Station (ISS)

Opalescence in Morning Twilight

Hohenzollern Castle and Ursa Major above Clouds

Crescent Moon and Hyades above the Roques de García

Twilight Rays

Zodiacal Light in Virgo

Set of Mercury

Constellation Aries

Constellation Gemini

Anti-crepuscular Rays