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All the Sky
of September
at about midnight Local Time (LT), northern hemisphere,
or August 2:00 LT or October 22:00 LT
northern night sky of september

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Date:06.08.2008 Time:2:04 UT
Exposure:40s Field of View:180o
Camera:Nikon D3 Optics:f=8mm 1/4.5
Place:Römerstein, Swabian Alb, 
southern Germany
Observer:Till Credner
Notes to the data
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The night sky of autumn is dominated by the big square of Pegasus and the diffuse band of the milky way crossing all the sky. The summer constellations Cygnus, Lyra, and Aquila vanish in the west and the winter constellations Taurus and Auriga rise in the east already. Ursa Major with its asterism of the Big Dipper creeps low above the northern horizon.