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Observing a Perseid Meteor

from Hoher List Observatory, Eifel, West Germany, 549 m

Date:11.08.2021 Time:23:58 UT (CET-1h)
Exposure:22 x 20s Field of view:360o x 180o
Camera:Canon EOS1D IV at ISO 3200 Optics:15mm, f/2.8
Place:Hoher List Observatory,
Author:Till Credner

The Perseid Meteor Shower was observed by a group of students from Progymnasium Rosenfeld at Hoher List Observatory in 2021. They used radio and video at the same time looking for common signals. The work can be found at the website of Linus Sorg.
The brightness in the zenith was about 21.2 mag per arcsecond2 at about 23:58 UT, 11.08.2021 (lightcurve). See the sources of light pollution in the 360 degree panorama from top of Hoher List Observatory.

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