Search results: Calar Alto

M 82

Horsehead Nebula

M 1

Barnard's Loop

M 50

P/1995 S1 (de Vico)

P/1995 S1 (de Vico)

M 27

Constellations Andromeda and Triangulum

Constellation Auriga

Constellation Orion

M 42 & M 43

Constellation Taurus

Constellation Canis Major

NGC 2194

M 71

NGC 772 (Arp 78)

Earth's Moon

NGC 1245

Constellations Cepheus and Lacerta

Moon, Venus, Mars and Jupiter

Constellation Perseus

Crepuscular Rays

Constellations Monoceros and Canis Minor

NGC 1961 (Arp 184)

NGC 2266

NGC 1857

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