geminid meteors 2020
exploding meteor
starlink satellites
geminid meteors
northern lights
noctilucent clouds
mammatus clouds
stars, moon, and sun rising in the alps
lunar eclipse 2018
fuel cloud of ariane 5
a day in the life of a sundial
SOFIA lightning
night flight
solar eclipse 2015
slow moon
lunar eclipse 2015
perseid meteors in real time
night sky of allgaeu alps
interstellar overdrive
neuschwanstein castle
rising moon
reflections of the milky way
faint night sky phenomena
light pollution
sternenpark rhoen
teck castle
heaven and hell
dettifoss spraybow
the old moon and the sea
aurora borealis at reykjavik
perseid meteor shower 2009
persistent train of a meteor
hyades rising
night fog
stonehenge sunset
traffic of paris and moonrise
jupiter rising from the past
moon's earthshine and mercury
bright mars
30 hours in the winter
but the sky moves on
by the seashore
rising from ruins
night at hudson river
star castle
a public evening at the observatory
comet lulin and its motion
moonlit falls
all along the lighthouse
southern stars
planets in the sky
drowning in the clouds
a mountains night
all sky all night
starry lake
electric night
the sky in motion, music video
sunset above Camden Hills
path of ATV and ISS

the ISS above Tübingen

from dusk till dawn at Zeller Horn

a night in the forest

flight of the ISS

sky traffic

lunar corona

comet 17P/Holmes

northern lights october 2003