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M 82

Galactic Cirrus

Constellation Ursa Major

Ursa Major and Ursa Minor

Aurora Borealis 10/2001

Aurora Borealis 10/2001

M 97

Aurora Borealis 10/2003

Hohenzollern Castle and Ursa Major above Clouds

Constellation Ursa Major

Watching the Big Dipper

Constellations Ursa Major and Bootes

Movie - drowning in the clouds

All the Sky of November

All the Sky of December

All the Sky of January

All the Sky of February

All the Sky of March

All the Sky of April

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All the Sky for all the Year

Meteor in the Forest

Three bright Quadrantid Meteors of 2011

Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Gruorn at Night

Blooming Cherry Tree

Constellation Ursa Major

Hohenurach Castle and the Big Dipper

light pollution


Bright Illumination of Neuschwanstein

Admiring the Nightscape

interstellar overdrive

Ennser Hut

All-Sky with Milky Way

Observing with the telescopes

A Perseid Meteor 2018

View from Lochenstein to Balingen

The Big Dipper above the Airglow of Stuttgart, August 3rd, 2021