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Blue Sky

Gegenschein and Light-bridge

Movie - all sky all night

All Sky view from Hirsau Monastery

All the Sky of November

All the Sky of December

All the Sky of January

All the Sky of February

All the Sky of March

All the Sky of April

All the Sky of May

All the Sky of June

Skyhenge, All-Sky view from Stonehenge

Sunrise at Stonehenge

All the Sky of July

All the Sky of August

All the Sky of September

All the Sky of October

All the Sky for all the Year

Three bright Quadrantid Meteors of 2011

Aurora Borealis of August 28th, 2011, Iceland

Stonehenge - the stars circle above the stones circle

Hohenurach Castle, All-Sky

All the Sky, all the Night

All-Sky Steinheim

Perseids, ISS and Iridium Flare 2012

All-Sky from Zeller Horn

Panorama from the Jusiberg

All the Sky above Bichishausen

All the Sky above Bichishausen

Full Night Panorama of the Castle Bichishausen

AllSky Panorama of Neuschwanstein

Movie - Skyhenge

All-Sky with Milky Way

Feichtau All-Sky


all-sky view at telescope meeting Rossberg

Panoramic View from Lemberg

Panoramic View from Kornbuehl

Panoramic View from Lastovo

Panoramic View from the Ennser Hut

Panoramic View from Jusenberg

Panoramic View from Eselsburger Tal

Panoramic View from Bichishausen Castle

VR Panoramic View from Schopfloch

VR Panoramic View of Neuschwanstein Castle

VR Panoramic View from Steinheim Impact Crater

Milky Way All Sky

Full Sky Panorama Schachen

Full Sky Panorama Schachen

Live All Sky View from Schachen

Live All Sky View from Dotternhausen

Meteorcamp Swabian Alb 2019