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Light pollution from Gergal is getting a problem

Light pollution near Granada

Winter constellations above the southern horizon

Skyhenge, All-Sky view from Stonehenge

Stonehenge - Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Light Pollution

Cave of Gutenberg

View from Lichtenstein


Constellation Leo at Raichberg

From top of the Jusiberg

Panorama from the Jusiberg

Lights of Metzingen

Lights of the Neckar-Valley and Stuttgart from the Jusiberg

Lights of Metzingen

Clouds and Light Pollution

Clouds over the Alb

Sternenpark Rhoen

light pollution

Panoramic view from Hohenbol

Owen at Night

View of Stuttgart

Rhoen Panorama

Rhoen Panorama

Rhoen Panorama

Starry Sky above the Rhoen

Rossberg Panorama

Illuminated front of Neuschwanstein

Gate of Neuschwanstein and Light Rays

Moon, Hyades, Pleiades, and Neuschwanstein

Bright Illumination of Neuschwanstein

Night Panorama of Neuschwanstein

AllSky Panorama of Neuschwanstein

Light Pollution of Neuschwanstein

Movie - Skyhenge


All-Sky with Milky Way

light pollution

Feichtau Hut

Movie - Night Sky of Allgaeu Alps

Talk and Exhibition on Light Pollution

Dusslingen at Night

Venus and Jupiter

Panoramic View from the Plettenberg

Light Pollution

All-Sky from Plettenberg





Evening View from the Plettenberg

Night View from the Plettenberg

Panoramic View from Lemberg

Movie - night flight

Panoramic View from Kornbuehl

Panoramic View from Lastovo

Panoramic View from the Ennser Hut

Panoramic View from Jusenberg

Panoramic View from Eselsburger Tal

Panoramic View from Bichishausen Castle

Moon, Mars, and Venus above the Church of Herrenberg

Window View from SOFIA

SOFIA Lights of the Night

SOFIA approaching the west coast

SOFIA, Cities of the west coast appear like fire

SOFIA, Light pollution from the west coast

Exhibition in Zwiefalten

Exhibition in Zwiefalten

VR Panoramic View from Schopfloch

Pueblo in Colorado from SOFIA

Moonset over San Francisco SOFIA

San Francisco seen from SOFIA

VR Panoramic View of Neuschwanstein Castle

VR Panoramic View from Steinheim Impact Crater

Exhibition Tent of the Meteor Camp

View from Lochenstein to Balingen

360 Degree panoramic View from Lochenstein, Balingen

Lights of Balingen and Weilstetten

Balingen Observatory

Balingen Observatory

Live All Sky View from Schachen

Live All Sky View from Dotternhausen

Lemberg Panorama

Lemberg Panorama








Watching the Milky Way

Meteors and an artificial Sky Beamer

Panoramic View from Plettenberg

Panoramic View from Lochenstein